Satao Elerai is located in a quiet, unspoilt, unique setting on a 5000 acre private conservation area 10km’s south east of Amboseli National Park on the foot of Africa’s largest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro. Our land is leased from the local Elerai Maasai community and together we help protect this land from poachers, charcoal burners and encroachment from agriculture and development.

The Elerai conservation area sits in an AWF (African Wildlife Foundation) identified critical wildlife corridor named the Kitenden Corridor which links the Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve in Tanzania to Amboseli National Park and beyond. These areas include a rich variety of ecosystems from the semi-arid savanna to wetlands and is home to a diverse collection of flora and fauna.

AWF believes that “loss and fragmentation of habitat is the single largest treat to most African wildilfe”.

“Like wildlife everywhere, the wildlife of Africa needs vast open landscapes to live, move, propagate. Isolated islands of protected land will not suffice to ensure that wildlife survives and thrives. Successful conservation efforts look beyond human borders to balance the needs of wildlife and people at the landscape level.

One of the great problems facing wildlife in Africa is the increasing isolation of viable wildlife habitat. As the human population grows and converts land into agriculture, National Park’s and Reserves are becoming more and more like isolated islands. One of AWF’s priorities is to maintain and restore landscape connectivity.“AWF website

The Satao Elerai Community and Wildlife Trust was started by Satao Elerai Lodge and it’s parent company Southern Cross Safaris in association with the local Elerai Maasai council and community.
Through our Trust and with the help of kind donations and continued support by AWF we hope to buy and lease more 60 acre plots of land to keep for the sole use of our wildlife.


Anti-poaching team

Our anti-poaching team protects both the animals and land in the area while helping to reduce the human/wildlife conflict. They patrol the area daily checking for snares, injured animals and people charcoal burning on the Elerai land.


Human/Wildlife Conflict

As the human population increases, causing people and animals to live in close together the conflict between them continuously rises. In our area the greatest causes of this are elephants entering crop fields, trampling and eating the harvest and also lions preying on Maasai livestock, their main source of livelihood.


Plant a Tree

Tree Planting is a simple yet very effective way of helping the environment, the wildlife and ourselves. Every tree planted offsets your environmental impact by using CO2 emissions, reducing global warming and releasing oxygen.


Securing Land for Wildlife
Elerai conservation area sits in a critical wildlife corridor that links the Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve in Tanzania to the Amboseli National Park and beyond. The wildlife corridor is currently under threat from land development.


Sustainable Charcoal

Charcoal is one of the the larger contributors to deforestation in Kenya. 3 tonnes of wood are needed to make just 1 tonne of charcoal which is a heavy strain on local wood resources.

Amboseli National Park Amboseli National Park
Elerai Conservation Land Elerai Conservation Land
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