The Satao Elerai Community and Wildlife Trust was started by Satao Elerai Lodge and it’s parent company Southern Cross Safaris in association with the local Elerai Maasai council and community.

Southern Cross Safaris is a well established and respected tour company within Kenya which has both Satao Lodge in Tsavo East National Park and Satao Elerai which sits on it’s own conservancy outside Amboseli National Park.

The Elerai conservation area sits in a critical wildlife corridor thats links the Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve in Tanzania to Amboseli National Park and beyond. This wildlife highway is currently under treat from land development. To prevent this it is imperative that communities in the area must benefit from the preservation of their lands for wildlife.

Our focus is to create and support sustainable ways for the Maasai communities to live in harmony with the enviroment and the wildlife around them. We do this through assisting with education, securing additional lands for conservation efforts, and community projects such as the traditional Maasai village.

We have been greatly encouraged by our guests interest and willingness to want to assist with these projects.
In the interest of the Elerai community we decided to set up the Satao Elerai Community Trust, a vehicle through which people can make donations to assist communities and wildlife directly.
The concept is to provide a sustainable income from tourism for the Maasai in the area and to try and ensure that it is in the communities interest to protect the wildlife for generations to come. The community themselves are trustees of the trust and all funds received are utilized solely for the benefit of community and wildlife in the area.

Elerai community and Wildlife Trust Committee:

Torben Rune (Representing Investor)
Andy Gray (Representing Investor)
Mike Kirkland (Representing Investor)
Ben Mwongela (Representing African Wildlife Foundation)
Lemunyasi Nanunuaki (Representing Community)
Johan Marapash Sumare (Representing Community)
Peter Parmeteu (Representing Community)
Kitayon Putani

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