Secondary school fees vary and as some of our children are already attending secondary school we would like to try and keep them at the school they have become accustomed to. Most of our childrens schools range between $250 a year to $550.

Primary schooling in Kenya is free but however hard they work this level of education can only go so far. To secure work and support themselves and their future families, children need to at least be educated to a secondary school level and take the KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) exams.

While families are struggling to feed themselves and their children paying this sort of money for education is out of the question for most Maasai families. Parents realize the importance of education and although they are determined to keep their traditions they also have to progress with the rest of the world if they are to survive.

The donations given will cover the children’s school fee’s, accommodation while at school, transport to and from school and hygiene kits which include soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. As a sponsor you will be regularly updated with the children’s progress, be sent photo’s and letters written by the children.

Through sponsorship we can also ensure that both boys and girls get equal opportunities for secondary school education as many families believe sending their daughters to school is a waste of money. Maasai girls are often married off at a young age or become pregnant but with sponsor they will be encouraged to complete their education and be able to support themselves in the future.

Although we would encourage our sponsors to support their chosen child for the full 4 years of secondary school we also appreciate this can be quite a commitment and you are welcome to sponsor a child for just one year and then decide later on if you would like to continue the support. Or join forces and sponsor a child with a friend, or group of friends.

For more information please contact me, Kim Pierce. See contact information at the bottom of the page.


Charles Kesaine

Charles is 20 years old and has just finished the 3rd year of secondary but his parents are unable to provide the funds to allow him to complete his last year at school.
At school he enjoys volleyball, athletics and business studies and hopes to one day be a manager of a company.
Charles attends the Senate High School which is a boarding school and costs $550 for the year or $45 a month.


Daniel Nanunuaki

Daniel is 16 years old and has lost both his parents but due to his efforts and achievements at school, members of the community have supported him through the first year of his secondary education.
We would like to find a sponsor to help him continue achieving and hopefully one day fulfill his dreams of becoming a manager of a company.
His favorite subjects at school are business and geography.
He attends the Ikisongo secondary boarding school which costs $250 for the school year or $20 a month.


Jacqueline Lengete

Jacqueline is 18 years old and has completed Year 1 and term 1 of Year 2 at Secondary School but due to lack of funds had to leave and is now back at home.

Her dream is to become an engineer, so that she can find a job and earn some money before getting married and having children.

Jacqueline is bright, very friendly with a good understanding of the English language.


John Parit Noonkayiok

John is 17 years old and has completed 2 of the 4 years of secondary school.
He is hoping for the opportunity to complete secondary school so that he can one day become a doctor.
At school he enjoys athletics and geography. His parents work in the crop fields but are unable to carrying on paying the $250 a year school tuition fees.
He would be very grateful for a sponsor to continue his education.


Sankdri Ole Pardiy

Sankdri is 15 years old and hoping to start his first year of secondary school.
His ambition in life is to become a pilot and his favorite subject is english. He also enjoys playing volleyball at school.
Sankdri has 3 sisters and 4 brothers and his parents are unable to find work.


Susan Sampai Lengete

Susan has recently been sponsored for a full year at secondary school. She is one step closer to achieving her ultimate dream, to become a lawyer.

Jacqueline Lengete Jacqueline Lengete
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