The Maasai are proud of their tradition and lifestyle and defensive of their independence. Until recently the prevailing view of the Maasai was that education was a machine designed to strip them of their language, traditions and beliefs.

When children are away at school, they cannot help with the herding or other daily responsibilities and for many parents sending a daughter to secondary school is a poor investment, given that she will live with her husbands family when married and start having children at a young age.

These days, views on education are changing. They believe that education need not be seen as a surrender to mainstream culture, but rather to help those aspects of their own culture that need fixing particularly in the treatment of women and girls.

“ Enlightenment not bombardment is what we need.”
Michael Ole Tiampati

The Elerai Trust hopes to incorporate the Maasai traditions and teachings into the childrens education by inviting the elders and other members of the community to come in and talk while also teaching children how to read and write in Maa, the Maasai language.

The Elerai nursery opened in September 2009 and rapidly rose from a class of 24 to a class of 63 by the end of October. Due to the success of the nursery we would like to raise the money to build a permanent brick building with all the supplies necessary for successful learning.

Before the Elerai nursery opened in September ’09 the closest school was 6 kilometres away on foot through areas where potentially dangerous wildlife could be.

Our nursery school is free and easily accessible to the Maasai community. Our teacher, Sambore Lengete who has been employed from the local community, is enthusiastic and dedicated to the education and wellbeing of the children.

Through the nursery we have also been able to monitor the childrens medical wellbeing and give additional meals to children who are undernourished

With help we are aiming to build a new permanent brick building with desks and chairs suitable to children of nursery school age and a storage room which can keep equipment safe and in good condition. We would also like to supply the nursery with all the equipment they need conducive to learning.


What school would be complete without school uniforms so that children can feel smart and in the mood for learning. As our children have only one or two outfits each the uniforms also give them a change of clothes and a chance for their mothers to wash their other clothes.
Our boys uniforms comprise of a pair of shorts a shirt and jumper where as our girls wear a dress and jumper for the colder months

We have been lucky enough to have had donations given for 20 school uniforms but would like to be able to provide uniforms for the other 49 students along with a pair of shoes for all 69 pupils as many of our children do not own even one pair.

For just $20 we can give a child a uniform including a pair of shoes.


An easy gift to help the children with their education is to sponsor the cost of a pencil case for a child or group of children. As these children have no personal possessions of their own apart from what they pick up off the ground and make into toys to play with, we would like each child to have his or her pencil case equipped with pens, pencils, colouring crayons, rulers, sharpeners etc. This will teach the children to look after things and take responsibility for their own possessions. It will also ensure that all children will have everything they need for their days lessons and possibly encourage other children to attend school, so that they to can have one.

A fully equipped pencil case will cost just $5


Primary schooling in Kenya is free and as ours is a community school there are no required additional costs. But for a more personal sponsorship you can sponsor one of our nursery school children for their pencil case, school uniform and school food costs for a school year. In return you will receive a picture and message from your sponsored child.

For $50 a child can be sponsored for a full school year


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