For over a year our Maasai community along with others all over the country have struggled with a lack of rain, leading to their main source of income and food; their cattle, dying. This has resulted in parents struggling to feed themselves and their children, beans and vegetables are luxury items at the best of times but during these times they are rarely part of the children’s diet.

Although they look healthy with their happy faces and beaming smiles many of our children are classed on the WHO scale as severely or moderately malnourished and their diet lacks the basic requirements for healthy living. With help from the district nutritionist we have been able to identify those children that require additional help and work with the families to promote the need for balanced diet but they still need additional support.

With the support and generosity of others we have been running a feeding program since Sept ’09 for 30 of the most undernourished children in our community . We provide well balanced lunches as well as constantly monitoring the children’s weight and well-being.

We would like to increase our efforts to feeding all 63 of our nursery school children, as this is a critical age in the children’s development and the age in which we’ve found most of the severe cases.

We are also hoping to supply the women of the community with a constant supply of maize flour which is the major component of their staple diet. By doing this and promoting the requirements for a healthy diet our Maasai women are able to spend what money they have left on fresh fruit, vegetables and beans for protein.

Children’s meals are normally made up of rice, tomatoes, carrots, onion, beans and fruit.

Please help us to support the Maasai families and their children through these difficult times.


Handing out dried beans which gives the Maasai protein in their diet. Handing Out Dried Beans Which Gives The Maasai Protein In Their Diet.
Hard times, children are especially suffering during this drought. Hard Times, Children Are Especially Suffering During This Drought.
A month into the feeding program and the children start looking a lot healthier. A Month Into The Feeding Program And The Children Start Looking A Lot Healthier.
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