A group called Maa Outreach came down to talk to our community members and teach them about all aspects of HIV including the importance of being tested, how to protect yourselves and the steps to getting help.

Many members of our Maasai community had been reluctant to attend the presentation as they were worried they might be forced to take tests and they didn’t want to hear about the illness but as soon as Maa Outreach started their very fun and relaxed way of talking about these issues many women, men and children came out of their houses to listen and watch.

The Maa Outreach group sang, danced and put on sketches to help get across their messages and these techniques relaxed those watching as there was plenty of laughter and very soon serious discussions, debates and questions were taking place so that they could understand better.

After the presentation was over the Elerai Maasai community were very appreciative that the group had come down and given up their time to teach them and give them a very important message, The community have now asked for a doctor to come down one day so that those that wish can be tested to see if they are HIV positive and be given further guidance.

This is a major stepping stone as these issues have often been thought as taboo and not easily discussed between the community, Now there is a better understanding people will follow the important steps to testing and if positive getting the treatment they need.


Men, women and children gathered watch the presentation Men, Women And Children Gathered Watch The Presentation
Maa Outreach performing one of their sketches Maa Outreach Performing One Of Their Sketches
A few Maasai women listening closely to the important information A Few Maasai Women Listening Closely To The Important Information
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