“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Satao Elerai understands that the Amboseli Territory belongs to the legendary Maasai tribe. Our focus is to create and support sustainable ways for the Maasai communities to live in harmony with the enviroment and the wildlife around them. We do this through assisting with education, securing additional lands for conservation efforts, and community projects such as the traditional Maasai village. The local community not only has an ownership stake in the lodge, but also had a hand in building it. With a single stay, you are channelling resources to wildlife conservation and contributing to the economic wellbeing of the people living in the larger Elerai area.

In the interest of the Elerai community we decided to set up the Satao Elerai Community Trust, a vehicle through which people can make donations to assist communities and wildlife directly.
The concept is to provide a sustainable income from tourism for the Maasai in the area and to try and ensure that it is in the communities interest to protect the wildlife for generations to come.


Clothing Project

We are looking to buy shoes, clothes and traditional Maasai cloth and blankets for the members of our community. Most of the children and adults have only one or two outfits which are ripped, have holes, are of the wrong size and filthy.
Please help us to provide them with suitable clothing for all ages.


Elerai Community Boma

The Elerai Community Boma (village) was started in July 2009 and is currently home to over 200 people, living in 48 houses. By forming the Elerai boma members from our community are able to benefit from tourism, a borehole (sponsored by AMREF) and the new nursery (sponsored by Satao Elerai).


Entonet Primary School

With 1200 students being educated in 14 classrooms and a staff of only 12 the local primary school is in desperate need of extra funds.


Feeding Program's

For $0.40 we can give a malnourished child a well balanced meal and improve their health and happiness.
We have 7 children who are classed on the WHO scale as severely malnourished and over 20 who are classed as moderately malnourished.
Please help us to improve these Maasai children’s health and quality of life.


Heath and Hygiene

The Maasai lifestyle is a hazardous one and many illnesses and accidents occur. With the local hospital being over an hour and a half walk away and there being only 2 ambulances to cater for the entire district it can be difficult for our community to emergency care. Medication can also cost money and women or men are unable to work when they or their children have to be admitted leaving behind the rest of their family sometimes without food.


Nursery School

The Elerai nursery opened in September 2009 and rapidly rose from a class of 24 to a class of 63 by the end of October. Due to the success of the nursery we would like to raise the money to build a permanent brick building with all the supplies necessary for successful learning.

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